23-Year-Old Macintosh Portable Runs OSX

The Macintosh Portable was first introduced in September of 1989 and quickly discontinued in 1991 after selling for a high $6,500. At the time, it was clunky, overpriced and slow. Today, Patrick Blampied transformed his 23-year-old Macintosh Portable into a computer you will not find on store shelves and that’s unlike the original model. He configured this very old shell to now run Mac OSX and be a fully capable computer.

He not only had to solder every last key on the keyboard and map them to the correct function, he also stripped the ball from the original mouse replacing it with an optical sensor and connecting it via USB. He than added USB ports for extra storage/peripherals and added a battery from a cordless drill for portable power.

He upgraded the OSX to the current version and you can watch his demo of the whole thing below.

Check out his blog with all the photos here.