The Submarine of iPods

The Submarine of iPods: This Waterproof iPod is a Game Changer


The Problem

Many attempts have been made in the quest to find a way to a way to enjoy your favorite music and water activity simultaneously. These could range from layers of plastic bags to an official waterproof case.


…not good.

All of these solutions have had the same fundamental flaw- they can’t give a 100% guarantee that the water won’t get in and ruin the device. Whether it is through a leak, an ill-timed headphone unplugging, or regular clumsiness, many a music player has lost their life to unsatisfactory water protection.

The Solution (Finally)

You can avoid this unfortunate fate with Underwater Audio’s waterproof iPod shuffle.


Using a special proprietary process, Underwater Audio waterproofs the inside of each genuine Apple iPod shuffle allowing you to use it just like any other iPod shuffle, except this one can get wet! As an added step of protection Underwater Audio waterproofs them from the inside out, while the iPods remain completely intact so the inner workings of your waterproof iPod are never put at risk.

One of the biggest disadvantages of a waterproof case on any Apple product is that Apple products rely so much on touch. The unobtrusive process of Underwater Audio allows all of Apple’s technological innovation to work unhindered by extra layers between you and the product. Additionally, the company sells waterproof headphones specifically for swimming, so you can never have to worry about waterproof damage again.

It’s All About Quality

Underwater Audio also personally checks each waterproofed iPod for full functionality before shipping them out to assure the best customer satisfaction. This means you can rest assured that you won’t have to compromise the quality you’ve come to expect on land.


In addition, not having a case means you don’t slow down. The world is always focused on going faster, and in no area more than sports. The iPod shuffle’s small design and built-in clip already minimize the amount of drag created for water sports, so why ruin it with a bulky case?

Instead, Underwater Audio’s waterproofed iPod shuffles stay true to Apple’s design and keep the exterior effects minimal. From the outside, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between a normal, sleek iPod shuffle and an Underwater Audio one.

So, Get Out There!

Now, you can have the best water-music experience possible with out any extra hassle or worry. You can splash and swim to your favorite tunes without having to fret about where the nearest bowl of rice is because no matter how wet your iPod gets, it’s insides will stay safe and dry- no case or plastic bags needed.

Your Thoughts

Have you ever damaged your iPod with water? 
What kinds of things would you do with a waterproof iPod?