Apple iPhone Trade-in Program Expected Next Month

Apple is expected to launch an iPhone trade-in program that would give customers the opportunity to trade in an old iPhone toward the purchase of a new device.

Several other companies already offer this sort of option, including Amazon, AT&T, Best Buy and others, all of which allow you to give an old smartphone for either store credit, a discount, or a new device. In fact, trade-ins are becoming more popular; a recent study found 55 percent of smartphone customers plan to trade-in their old device toward their next upgrade. However, this is the first time that Apple will offer such a deal in its retail locations.

The business plan could be a good idea: it would allow Apple to essentially buy back its older devices at a lower cost, keep customers buying its products and services, and it could even re-sell older devices to customers looking for refurbished products. The option could roll out as soon as next month, 9to5Mac said Monday, noting that training is expected to start for Apple’s retail employees this week.

It still remains unclear how much Apple will pay for an old iPhone. However, the roll-out comes right as Apple is expected to launch its iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, which could mean more customers visiting Apple Store locations for new purchases, instead of visiting carriers.

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