Apple Opening R&D Center in Taiwan to Develop Future iPhones

VR-Zone reports that Apple has begun recruiting engineers to work in an upcoming R&D facility based in Taiwan where the team will develop future iPhones and related products. The squad will apparently develop its own products separate from Apple’s U.S. headquarters, but report directly to senior employees in California.

Apple is not publicly advertising the new positions and is instead searching for candidates on its own. VR-Zone claims to have viewed Cupertino’s internal communications and published the following list of available positions the company is looking to fill starting in September:

Hardware Development Engineers (areas of expertise: audio, camera, sensors, power, analog, touch, RF, antenna, battery), Panel Process & Optics Engineers, Product Development Engineers, Product Development Engineer, Mechanical Engineers – Product Displays, Materials Technical Program Managers, Test Engineers, Software QA, Reliability Engineers, Product Safety Engineer – PD, Firmware Engineers, Engineering Program Managers

The news follows reports that Samsung, which supplies Apple with the processors used in its iPhones and iPads, had moved to Taiwan Silicon Manufacturing Company for some its materials, which may explain why Cupertino would establish an R&D facility nearby.

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