Apple Watch, Will it be a Success?

Apple has revolutionized the technology industry countless times. How would you like to hold hundreds of songs in your pocket? 100 million said yes. What about a tablet? 15 million said yes. What if we made a phone? Over 18 million said yes. 

Now Apple is trying it again. What if we made a watch? In 2 months we will see how many people worldwide will say yes or no to this question. Apple seems to be optimistic. They have 5 to 6 million getting ready for the initial demand. 

When Steve Jobs started Apple I wonder if he knew how much of a impact he would have in history. Walter Isaacson was surprised when Jobs asked him to do a biography on him. Not many people decide if they will be worth remembering in history, but Jobs made that decision and lived true to it. 

Under Steve Jobs watch (no pun intended), Apple has been known to offer products that are initially seen as luxury items. The trick is making us see them as necessary aspects of daily life. Less than half a century ago the idea of a personal computer was foreign to the general public. Today we have them in our pockets, in our cars and soon in our watches. 

The original idea for the Apple Watch was a device that would help monitor overall health. It would determine stress level, blood pressure and heart activity. The end result is a product that is less than what they dreamed of initially. Some of those features are there, but Apple is reverting to marketing this new product as a fashion accessory with a breadth of features that the consumer will enjoy. 

The big question being asked two months before this new product is release is, can Apple still revolutionize the world? Is this new product going to reintroduce the need for a wrist accessory? Or will the general public find taking their phone out of their pocket less of a hassle than Apple anticipated? Can Apple still amaze us without Steve Jobs at the helm? What do you think?