How To Fix Grayed Out WiFi on iPhone & iPad After iOS 6 Upgrade

Ever since Apple released their iOS 6 update, there’s a ton of issues from iPhone and iPad users.

One of the biggest issues across the board has been iPhone & iPad users losing WiFi connectivity capability.

More specifically, after they’ve upgraded to iOS 6, all ability to connect via WiFi was gone.

The one solution that seems to have worked the most (not 100% of time, just the most out of the other solutions) is where you clear the cache and history of your Safari browser.

Here’s the Safari browser fix that’s had some success:

#1:  Click “Settings” on the home page of your iPhone or iPad

#2:  Scroll down and tap on “Safari”

#3:  You’ll now be looking at the settings of your Safari browser > go down to the “Clear History” and “Clear Cookies and Data” section and tap on both of those settings to clear everything out (one at a time please!).

Now let’s talk about the issue where your WiFi is grayed out on your iPhone & iPad after upgrading to iOS 6.

Many of the WiFi solutions I’ve provided are only working sometimes – not 100% of the time.  And this is true with the fix I have for your grayed out WiFi after upgrading to iOS 6.  The fix for this is something I’ve seen after following a very specific set of instructions.  So you have to follow these exactly to have any shot at it working.

#1:  Go to “Settings” on the homepage of your iPhone or iPad

#2:  Tap on “General”

#3:  Tap on “Cellular” option > then turn it off (do this by tapping to “Off” on Cellular Data option)

#4:  Now in the top left of your screen, tap back to your main “Settings” screen and then tap on “Wi-Fi”

#5:  Tap on your Network name (tap the blue circle arrow so you see your network settings)

#6:  Tap “Forget this Network” and remove the network from your iPhone / iPad

#7:  Now, tap again in the top left of your screen and back to the “General” option under “Settings”

#8:  Tap “Cellular” > and turn on “Cellular Data” (this should have been off in step #3 above)

#9:  Tap back to “Settings” (again, top left to tap back to Settings) > then tap on “Wi-Fi”

#10:  After tapping on “Wi-Fi” you should now see your network name > tap on to connect to it

#11:  It should now connect to the network, or you’ll have to enter your password.

Once you are connected to your network, go ahead and turn your iPhone or iPad off and reboot.

If this does not fix your issue, take it to a local Apple repair facility and have them look at it.

Photo Credit: Robert Holland