If Apple Made A Credit Card

What if Apple made a credit card? For a start, it would be backed by the financial might of the world’s most valuable company who could leverage one of the world’s most recognizable brands for the new venture. Such a move would not only shake up Wall Street, but up the ante with arch rival Google who are themselves dabbling in the arena with a co-branded card for businesses with Barclay card. Apple already has 400 million active iTunes accounts. With their wildly popular hardware, over $124 billion (USD) in cash and marketable securities, the iOS ecosystem and a ready-made worldwide network of walk-in branches, it wouldn’t be inconceivable for Apple to branch out into finance.

Payments is something many customers and commentators have been urging Apple to integrate for years. So far, the closest they’ve come is with the addition of Passbook in iOS 6. Imagine how an Apple credit card could integrate seamlessly with the Apple ecosystem. Our hypothetical iCard would be fully integrated with Siri, Passbook, Reminders and Notification Center. Finally, a remarkable credit card worthy of the 21st Century. A credit card that gives more than it takes. One that “just works”.

Is It Possible?

At first the idea of a financial product with an Apple logo on it might raise a few eyebrows, but think about it. Other companies have successfully transitioned from their bread-and-butter into completely different industries. The one that comes to my mind first is Richard Branson’s Virgin, which started off in the music industry and has since moved into industries as diverse as travel, communications, health and finance. Then think about rival UK supermarket chains Tesco and Marks & Spencer, which now both offer retail banking products. And then there’s Apple itself. This is the company that pivoted so hard into consumer electronics they removed the word ‘Computer’ from its name.

Check out this hypothetical info graphic in it’s full detail, the original Credit Card Compare post here and let us know what you think.

Would you use an iCard?