iOS 7: Siri Will Learn to Pronounce Names Correctly

Apple launched Siri with the iPhone 4S and each iOS upgrade since then has brought useful updates to the sometimes-snarky digital assistant. Among a number of improvements Siri is getting with iOS 7, 9to5Mac has uncovered one extra: the ability to ask for help learning to pronounce tricky new names.

Previous versions of Siri were often unable to pronounce complicated names, which left users with little choice except to manually enter phonetic spellings. The iOS 7 update will reportedly enable Siri with the ability to ask for help if it has trouble with a new name, offering several possible pronunciations and asking you to choose to correct one. Additionally, if Siri gets a name wrong you can correct it and trigger the same learning process.

9to5Mac notes that this new feature isn’t available on all devices running iOS 7 beta. It also wasn’t mentioned at WWDC 2013 earlier this month, suggesting that it may not make the cut when the new iOS is rolled out in the fall. Confirmed upgrades to Siri include a visual redesign featuring a sound wave to mimic the user’s voice, and integration with Wikipedia, Twitter and Bing.

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