iOS 7 vs. iOS 6: New Icons Preferred in Online Poll

There’s been plenty of criticism leveled at Apple’s iOS 7 redesign in the past few weeks since the company unveiled the new mobile operating system at WWDC 2013 — shortly before it released a beta developer version of the software. One of the biggest complaints seems to be the redesigned app icons ushered in with iOS 7, which reject glossy skeuomorphism for flat images and bright colors. However, in an online poll taken by more than 40,000 people, the majority of the new icons were preferred over their predecessors.

Designs from iOS 6 were only preferred for six out of the 22 icons included in the poll published on Polar. At the time of publication, Reminders in iOS 7 was preferred by 1,541 people while to 1,046 preferred the icon in iOS 6. Here’s a glance at the results for the other icons: Passbook (1,304 to 1,270), Safari (1,354 to 812), Game Center (1,159 to 888), Camera (1,392 to 709), and Calculator (1,026 to 960). The poll also revealed that in cases where iOS 7 won, people strongly preferred the new icons over their older counterparts. The new Phone icon in iOS 7 won 80 percent of its vote, while the redesigned Messages icon was preferred by 84 percent of the voters.

Apple has faced plenty of objections over the iOS 7 redesign from its fiercest critics, particularly in the form of claims that the new icons look rushed and unfinished. We need to keep in mind that this is a beta and that the version of iOS 7 we get later this year will likely look different from the beta design that’s already been released. However, based on this poll it seems that while Apple’s toughest critics have taken issue with the new mobile OS, most people already prefer the redesigned icons over their skeumorphic predecessors.

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