iPad 5 Renders Show Off What to Expect When it Comes to Size

Just how big will the  iPad 5 be when it arrives this year? These renders give you some idea of what to expect.

The folks over at MacRumors teamed up with the folks over at CiccareseDesign to come up with some pretty convincing renders. All of the work is based off of the leaked iPad 5 back panel that showed up towards the end of last month, and the fact that there was an iPad mini back panel in the pictures made it easy for the artists to come up with some measurements.

It appears that rumors from the end of last year may have been spot on and the fifth generation iPad will come in at 4mm shorter, 17mm narrower and shave 2mm off of its thickness. It definitely looks as though the iPad 5 will be picking up a lot of its design cues from the first generation iPad mini, and appears as almost just a super-sized version of the diminutive member of the product family.

While some rumors have pegged the iPad 5 to arrive in March, others have been focusing on a fall release date. We won’t know for a while yet which one is accurate, but it does appear the general look of the device will be well-known before the announcement is made.

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