iPad Boxes Stuffed with Ice Cubes Fails to Pay Off

Want to make a quick buck? Stuff a few boxes with ice cubes and then file an insurance claim when the ice melts and your boxes never arrive at the destination. That sounds like a pretty awful plan to us, but two genius men thought it seemed like a novel idea. Of course, any shipper is going to notice a box leaking water, which is exactly what happened.

According to CNET, the two men mailed the packages and insured them for about $4,000. The hope was that the packages would never arrive and that the criminals could ask for $4,000 through insurance claims. Of course, the packages ended up getting wet almost immediately. “I just happened to say to the gentleman: ‘Is it raining outside?’,” one of the workers at a post office explained, even though it wasn’t raining at all. The ice started melting before the package was even mailed; though it was still processed and put in the mail.

The post office was prepared for the false claim for insurance, however, and authorities came knocking when it was clear there weren’t iPads in the boxes at all. One of the criminals admitted the whole scheme was “pathetic.” Yep, we have to agree. The two were sentenced to a year of community service in addition to 150 hours of time to be spent working in the court.

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IMAGE SOURCE: www.TechnoBuffalo.com
BLOG CREDIT: Todd Haselton @ www.TechnoBuffalo.com