iPad Mini Already Installed In A Car Dashboard

With the iPad Mini's launch this morning, people are already doing some crazy things to it. We've seen an iPad Mini Drop Test already and now some guy installed The iPad Mini into the dashboard of his 2012 Toyota Corolla.

The guy responsible for this install is from the Soundwaves in Tampa customization shop in Tampa, FL and they custom built the whole iPad Mini dash unit that allows The iPad Mini to pop in and out easily.

By the looks of the photos from the Soundwaves of Tampa's Facebook page, the shop began working on the iPad Mini console before the iPad Mini was even released - so it was ready for integration by the time the iPad Mini was released. The custom unit works by simply sliding the iPad Mini into the console, where it connects to the car's speaker system - either through Bluetooth or the device's headphone jack - and the volume and other settings can be controlled with a separate control panel inside of the car.

This is a super impressive install, very clean and it gets bonus points for how easily the device can be taken out and put back in. The 7.9-inch smaller display on the iPad Mini looks like it's the perfect size for most dashboards.