iPhone 5S A7 Chip Said to be 31% Faster

Apple’s rumored Sept. 10 iPhone event is rapidly approaching, and while we’ve seen lots of pictures of the new gold color option, and heard tons of rumors about a fingerprint scanner, there hasn’t been much information concerning the A7 processor. With the date of the announcement rapidly approaching, however, it looks like that may be changing.

Clayton Morris of Fox News tweeted this morning that sources are telling him that the A7 processor is running 31 percent faster than the A6 chip present in the current iPhone 5.


Not that the iPhone 5 has exactly lagged in speed for most tasks, but it’s doubtful that anyone would look down on a speed increase in their phone’s processor.

Additionally, Morris later tweeted that his sources are also informing that a separate chip is being added for motion tracking.


It’s beginning to look as though while the iPhone 5S may not change that much externally from the iPhone 5, but there could be a lot going on under the hood as it were. Should the rumors of the Sept. 10 event turn out to be true, which we believe they are, we don’t have very long to wait to find out.


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