iPhone 5S Parts Leak, Suggest New Colors Coming

Several new parts that are allegedly being used for the iPhone 5S leaked to the Internet on Thursday. The new parts including a motor assembly that’s used to power the vibrating mechanism on the phone, a tweaked loud-speaker part, the Wi-Fi flex cable ribbon and the SIM tray slots. We can’t discern much from the leaked parts other than, as we’ve seen in the past, they suggest that Apple’s at least switching up the internal design of the iPhone with the next generation smartphone.

The most compelling photos, however, are those of the SIM card trays. We see a brushed gun-metal color and another khaki-colored tray, which are on a par with rumors that Apple’s going to launch the iPhone 5S in several different colors. The images were obtained by BGR.

These aren’t the first parts leaked. We’ve also seen the front-facing camera, the redesigned motherboard and the flex cable and mute switch.

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