Lockitron: Lock your door from anywhere in the world

How many times have you left the house and than wondered if you remembered to lock the front door this morning on your way out? Thankfully, Lockitron is here to help.

Lockitron attaches to any door lock and allows easy control through any phone (yes, non-smartphones included!) anywhere in the world. It is designed to notify you if the door is locked, unlocked and even if somebody knocks on the door - thanks to it's built in sensors and Wifi. Through the desktop interface, an user can also unlock the door and allow access to whoever it pleases.

For iPhone 4S and 5 users, Lockitron can be programmed to work with Bluetooth 4.0 which will allow users to simply walk up to the door and unlock it. Also, if you lose your phone, Lockitron allows the account to be disabled and remotely changing the password.

Lockitron has exceeded their funding goal by over 800% and they sold out of the first order, so they expect the second shipment to launch May 2013 and you can reserve yours for only $149 a lock.

Image source: Lockitron