New Siri Update for iOS 7 Announced at WWDC 2013

An update for Siri for iOS 7 was announced at WWDC 2013. The new personal digital assistant features a male or female voice, Twitter is built right right in, an updated UI, car dashboard display integration and more.

Following the trend set by iOS 7, the new Siri looks flatter and features a minimalistic design with a few extra flourishes. While you speak you’ll see a sound wave display at the bottom of the screen. Once you’re done asking a question the sound wave transforms into the loading circle we’re already familiar with.

The new Siri works better with iOS now, and has been programmed to understand simple commands like “play my last voicemail,” “increase brightness,” and “turn on my Bluetooth.” Siri can also answer more questions by interacting directly with Wikipedia, Twitter and Bing (no more “Let me Google that for you,” apparently).

Siri’s voice is also getting an upgrade with the addition of a male voice, giving English-speaking users a choice. The digital assistant is also getting a more natural voice for German and French speakers.

Finally, the most Apple has upgraded Siri to interact with display panels in certain cars, bringing the digital assistant right up on your dashboard. There’s no set release date for the new Siri, but it will likely launch along with the rest of iOS 7 this fall.

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