Computer Repairs: Laptop & PC Repairs

Computer Issues? We Can Fix It!

cracked phone screen

Cracked Screen

Does your laptop screen look like a spider web? We can replace most laptop screens and get it working again.

water damage

Water Damage

Spill your coffee on your laptop this morning? Our liquid damage treatment can help rescue your device.

sporadic wifi

Sporadic Wi-Fi

Are web pages never loading properly? We can diagnosis and solve these internet connectivity issues for you.

battery not charging

Poor Battery Life

Are you constantly tethered to the wall? We can quickly diagnose any power issues.

software virus

Software Virus

Does your computer have a mind of its own? From operating systems to simple bugs, we can tune up your device.

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Don’t see your issue listed? Bring it in and our expert techs can help!

Dependable Computer/PC Repair

Computers have become as much a part of American households as indoor plumbing and refrigerators. You can’t live without them anymore. Well, maybe you could, but you wouldn’t want to. So when you need computer repair, you don’t wait, the same way you don’t wait to call an HVAC tech if your heat or air conditioning isn’t working.

FixIT Mobile is here to help you with all your PC repair needs, whether you have an Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Microsoft Surface, Toshiba, Lenovo or another brand. We’re the top computer repair shop in the area, with multiple locations throughout Utah. Of all the computer places in the Intermountain West, FixIT Mobile has one of the best reputations for fast, efficient and reliable service.


Computer Maintenance & Repairs

Computers are amazing devices, but not unlike cars (or even the human body), they are composed of many parts that must work in tandem, correctly, in order for them to function properly. It can be annoying when you need to go to the computer repair store, but when you think about it, it’s a marvel that computers do what they do so well for so long without assistance.

So next time you need a computer doctor, think about the last time you brought your device in for a checkup. You may not be an expert in computer maintenance, but our computer technicians can teach you a few things about keeping your computer healthy, so you won’t need our services as often.

Trust FixIT Mobile for Your Tech Repairs

At our phone and computer repair shop, our No. 1 priority is our customers. We know how stressed you are without your computer, so our technicians work quickly to diagnose the problem and complete your computer repair, often while you wait. No appointment necessary.

When you need a PC repair shop, trust FixIT Mobile. We work on almost all models of laptops as well as smartphones and gaming consoles. Whatever type of tech repair you need, we do it.

PC Repair
Broken monitor

Computer Screen / Monitor Repair

For some computer users, when their monitor breaks, they throw it away and buy another one for $59.99. But for many others, a monitor can be a big investment. You may need it for you design job or you may use it for playing video games or watching your favorite movies. Some high-end screens cost thousands of dollars. When you make an investment like that, you want it to last.

The last thing you want to see a poor-quality display, flickering or the dreaded blue screen of death. These types of problems could be due to a faulty cable, an unreliable electrical outlet or the drivers. When you need computer screen repair, rely on the expert technicians at FixIT Mobile. We do all kinds of computer repairs, including screens, hardware, power issues and more.

Why FixIT Mobile?


Dedicated to Quality

Although we aim to get your device repaired as quickly as possible, we set quality as our highest priority.


Top Trained Technicians

Our technicians are among the most experienced in the industry who can perform the most complicated repairs.


Best-In-Class Experience

Our streamlined check in process, same-day repairs, and easy checkout makes your visit an experience to remember.


Superior Quality Parts

We don’t cut corners. We guarantee the highest quality parts on repairs and are backed by our one year and 90-day warranties.