Laptop Repairs: PC, Mac and More

Laptop Issues? We Can Fix It!

cracked phone screen

Cracked Screen

Does your laptop screen look like a spider web? We can replace most laptop screens and get it working again.

water damage

Water Damage

Spill your coffee on your laptop this morning? Our liquid damage treatment can help rescue your device.

sporadic wifi

Sporadic Wi-Fi

Websites not loading properly? We can diagnose and solve these internet connectivity issues for you.

battery not charging

Poor Battery Life

Battery dying quickly? Charging cords not working? We can fix a variety of power or charging problems.

software virus

Software Virus

Does your laptop have a mind of its own? From operating systems to simple bugs, we can tune up your device.

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Experiencing another problem not listed here? Bring it in and our expert techs can help!

Expert Laptop Repair

Your laptop has your whole life inside it — work, photos, personal and financial documents and more. Even if you back your laptop up frequently so that your information stays safe, you don’t want to be without it, even for a day. So when your device isn’t working right and you need laptop repair, rely on the expert technicians at FixIT Mobile.

Whether you need MacBook or Samsung laptop repair, you can count on us.


Choose FixIT Mobile for Laptop Repair

We have multiple laptop repair shops throughout Utah, so you can always find a location near you. You don’t want to drive an hour or more to find places that fix laptops. Plus, you aren’t always sure what kind of laptop repair service you will get at some shops. With FixIT Mobile, you know your laptop will be in good hands. We stand behind our work, and that is why we enjoy such a good reputation throughout the industry.

One benefit of visiting a laptop repair shop like ours is that we’re not limited — we fix everything. Whether you have an Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Microsoft Surface, Toshiba, Lenovo or another brand, we have the training and experience to fix it. That’s why we’re known as the best laptop repair shop in the area.

Another great benefit is the pricing. Getting a laptop repair at Apple is like bringing your car to the dealer for an oil change — you pay a needless premium. Using an independent location saves money. But you don’t just want cheap laptop repair, you want reliable service. Your laptop is like your car — you need it every day, so you want to trust your repair technician.

That’s what’s great about our computer laptop repair shop — you can form a relationship with our technicians because they will service all your equipment. Have a Mac but want to switch to a PC? No need to find a new repair shop. We do it all.

laptop repair

Repair for Any Brand of Laptop

Maybe your Asus laptop isn’t holding a charge anymore. This can be frustrating. You can’t always work within six feet of an outlet. But the solution may be as simple as a new charger. That’s why it’s important to choose a dependable laptop repair shop you trust. You don’t want to pay for needless repairs.

What if your Toshiba keyboard isn’t working right? This can happen for many reasons, but one of the most common is spilling coffee or another beverage into your laptop. Fixing a laptop that has gotten wet is challenging, but it’s usually cheaper than buying a new one.

The most frustrating is when your laptop has a virus or malware. This can happen with a Dell, an HP or any type of laptop. We can rectify this problem for you and install anti-virus software so that it never happens again.

Rely on the professional, friendly technicians at FixIT Mobile for all your laptop repairs.

Why FixIT Mobile?


Dedicated to Quality

Although we aim to get your device repaired as quickly as possible, we set quality as our highest priority.


Top Trained Technicians

Our technicians are among the most experienced in the industry who can perform the most complicated repairs.


Best-In-Class Experience

Our streamlined check in process, same-day repairs, and easy checkout makes your visit an experience to remember.


Superior Quality Parts

We don’t cut corners. We guarantee the highest quality parts on repairs and are backed by our one year and 90-day warranties.