Apple Watch Repair

Issues with your Apple Watch? We Can Fix It!

cracked phone screen

Cracked Screen

Have a small chip or shattered screen? This is our most common and quickest repair.

water damage

Water Damage

Forgot to take it off while scuba diving? Our water damage treatment can help rescue your device.

unreliable pairing icon

Unreliable Pairing

Is your watch not syncing with your phone? We can update and configure your settings to allow easier pairing.

battery not charging

Not Charging

Watch charged all night, but is still dead? We can quickly diagnose any power issues.

sporadic wifi

Unstable Network

Not getting your notification? We can diagnosis and solve these network connectivity issues for you.

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Don’t see your issue listed? Bring it in and our expert techs can help!

Swift Apple Watch Repairs

Your Apple Watch can tell you a lot of things, including what your heart rate is and whether you should be concerned about it. Your Apple Watch could even save your life! That’s why when it’s not working right, you should come into FixIT Mobile right away for Apple Watch repair.

You depend on your Apple Watch to tell you when you have a text or an email during those times you can’t keep your phone on you, like when you’re at work, when you have a softball game or when you’re in a movie theater where you’re not supposed to use your phone. But if you’re having connectivity issues, you won’t get those notifications. That’s frustrating, especially because that’s one of its main functions.

This is a problem our trained technicians can fix. Just schedule your Apple Watch repair – we will have it fixed and back to you within a few days!

Common Apple Watch Issues

When you got your Apple Watch and you read in the directions that it was “water resistant,” you might not have realized that means “not waterproof.” We fix a lot of watches that users wore in the pool. They’re great fitness trackers, but they’re better for measuring steps taken than for laps swum.

We also fix a lot of cracked or chipped screens, which is always a problem with a mobile device covered in glass. It’s usually a quick and easy fix, so if you have a cracked Apple Watch face, stop in to FixIT Mobile.

Another issue that some consumers have is problems with pairing. You don’t need an iPhone to use an Apple Watch, but some features may not be available when your watch is paired with a Samsung or another Android. Regardless of your type of phone, if you’re having trouble syncing your devices, we can help. After all, you want all the most up-to-date information available across all platforms.

Broken Smartwatch

Apple Watch Charging & Display Repairs

A convenience everyone expects from their Apple Watch is that it will charge properly and hold that charge. But this isn’t always the case. Your watch might charge slowly, or not at all. Your watch might look like the battery is fully charged, but then a few hours later it’s below 10%. We can get to the root of such issues and correct the problem.

Have you ever noticed people with Apple Watches twisting their wrists somewhat violently in a vain attempt to get the display to light up? Unless you’ve accidentally left it in theater mode, you might need an adjustment to your watch. If your displays looks weird or uneven in dim mode, you definitely need a professional tech.

Whether it’s your battery, display, connectivity or another issue — whenever you have a problem with your Apple Watch, send it to the experts at FixIT Mobile.

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