iPhone Repair

Issues with your iPhone? Broken screen? We Can Fix It!

cracked phone screen

Cracked Screen

You dropped it again, didn't you? Don't worry. Our iPhone repair techs got your back.

water damage

Water Damage

Did your iPhone slip out of your hands and into the toilet? No worries. Bring it in for our water damage treatment.

no sound

Sound Problems

Sound crackling or too soft? Phone calls sounding distant or muffled? We can replace your iPhone mic or speakers.

mobile repair
battery not charging

Not Charging

Battery not holding a charge? Does it die super fast or maybe not charge at all? Our mobile phone techs can help!



Does your phone get abnormally hot? Does it shut down in the middle of a game or video call? Bring it in! We know how to fix it.

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There are lots of things that can go wrong with your iPhone. Bring it in and we'll diagnose the problem!

Fast and Friendly iPhone Repair!

More than 100 million people in the U.S. use an iPhone, and most of them will need iPhone repair at some point. That’s where we come in here at FixIT Mobile, the area’s leading smartphone repair store.

While we fix desktops, laptops, tablets, game systems and Apple Watches, one of the most common jobs we do is iPhone repair, whether that’s due to a technical issue, a weak battery, a broken screen, the presence of moisture or another problem.

Although iPhones can be reliable devices, they become difficult to use if you drop them and the screen breaks. IPhone screen repair can be costly at other repair shops, but it doesn’t need to be. While there are plenty of places that fix iPhone screens for cheap, you want to make sure you take yours to an established, trustworthy smartphone repair store such as FixIT Mobile.

90-Day Warranty for iPhone Parts

At FixIT mobile, we offer a 90-day warranty on all parts, so if anything goes wrong with your iPhone repair during this time and a defective part is to blame, you are covered. You can trust us, not just because of the warranty we offer, but because we have served thousands of customers over the years in locations all across Utah and Arizona.

Older Model iPhone Repair

Concerned about keeping your older iPhone in working order? Older models like the iPhone 6, 7 or 8 are still great devices and plenty of people still use them since they have everything you need and not much that you don’t. They’re hugely popular for students, people on a budget and tweens of smart parents who realize that maintaining an older phone is typically a much cheaper option than buying new.

But what happens when the screen breaks or the battery starts dying?

At FixIt mobile, we definitely know our way around the older model iPhones. You may worry about whether you can get the support you need to keep your workhorse going. Or wonder what iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 screen repairs will cost and if that screen is still available. Perhaps your phone won’t hold a charge and needs a new battery. Whatever the case, we can help! Bring your phone to us for a diagnostic. Probably the only problem we can’t fix with your middle-schooler’s iPhone is figuring out where they might have left it.


Trade-In and Update Your Old Device for a Certified Pre-Owned iPhone

CPO iPhone

Your kids — and others — may want you to think the new version of everything is better and worth the extra money, but it may not be for you. If your old phone really does get to a point where repair isn’t possible, or if you’re ready to upgrade to a fancier phone but you don’t want to pay new-phone prices, consider a CPO phone. Our certified pre-owned phones have been thoroughly vetted by our phone repair technicians, so they’re like new — except for the price.

FixIT Mobile is here to help you save money and keep your iPhone in good working order for as long as possible. Turn to us for all your iPhone repair needs, and rest easy with our 90-day warranty.

Why FixIT Mobile?


Dedicated to Quality

Although we aim to get your device repaired as quickly as possible, we set quality as our highest priority.


Top Trained Technicians

Our technicians are among the most experienced in the industry who can perform the most complicated repairs.


Best-In-Class Experience

Our streamlined check in process, same-day repairs, and easy checkout makes your visit an experience to remember.


Superior Quality Parts

We don’t cut corners. We guarantee the highest quality parts on repairs and are backed by our 90 day warranty.