Samsung Phone Repair

Issues with your Samsung phone? Broken screen? We Can Fix It!

cracked phone screen

Cracked Screen

Have a small chip or shattered screen? This is our most common and quickest repair.

water damage

Water Damage

Did your phone take a dip in the pool? Our water damage treatment can help rescue your device.

no sound

No Sound

Little to no audio on your phone calls? We can replace any speaker or mic on your device.

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battery not charging

Not Charging

Battery dying before lunch or not even charging? We can quickly diagnose the issue.



Do you wonder why your phone keeps heating up? Bring it in for a thorough diagnostic.

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Don't see your issue listed? Bring it in and our expert techs can help!

Expert Samsung Phone Repair

When you need Samsung phone repair, turn to the expert technicians at FixIT Mobile.

Your phone is your connection to the outside world — to your family, friends and other loved ones. It brings you news updates, alerts you to new social media posts and stores all your favorite apps. You’re never without it, and you need it to work correctly.

One of the best parts about coming to a trusted cell phone repair shop like FixIT Mobile is that we are trained to fix all tech devices. We do all types of Android phone repair, as well as iOS. That means if members of your family use different devices, you don’t have to travel all over to get each one working again. We’re your one-stop shop for Samsung cell phone repair, Android tablet fixes, Apple Watch tweaks and more.

90-Day Warranty for Samsung Parts

We offer a 90-day warranty on all our high-quality Samsung parts. Rest assured that your repairs will be top-notch, and if one of the parts should fail, just bring it back and we'll make it right!

Android Screen Repair

Our customers often come to us requesting Samsung screen repair. While a hefty cell phone case does wonders to protect your device, it’s not always the most attractive. Plus, bulky cases can make it difficult to fit your Samsung phone in your pocket, so many users choose to go without.

Some users opt for aesthetics over function, choosing cases for different seasons or occasions. Kids may want Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse or Star Wars cases. While these can be super cute and fun, they may not offer the best protection. The result of these choices is often a broken screen.

Samsung screen replacement is much cheaper than buying a new phone, but it’s critical to do the job correctly. Never attempt Samsung screen replacement yourself. You could easily damage your phone, and even if you don’t, you will certainly void the warranty. Always rely on a trusted professional for all your Android repairs.

Broken android phone

Faster, Cheaper Android Phone Repairs

phone screen

You can save precious time and money by relying on a shop like FixIT Mobile. One big advantage is that you can usually just walk right in and get your Samsung phone repair on the spot. You won’t have to make an appointment for next Tuesday or take a beeper and spend the next four hours walking around the mall.

Whenever you need Samsung cell phone repair or Samsung screen replacement, just stop into FixIT Mobile, and we’ll have you back talking and texting in no time — 2EZ, right?

Why FixIT Mobile?


Dedicated to Quality

Although we aim to get your device repaired as quickly as possible, we set quality as our highest priority.


Top Trained Technicians

Our technicians are among the most experienced in the industry who can perform the most complicated repairs.


Best-In-Class Experience

Our streamlined check in process, same-day repairs, and easy checkout makes your visit an experience to remember.


Superior Quality Parts

We don’t cut corners. We guarantee the highest quality parts on repairs and are backed by our 90 day warranty.