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When you’re looking for a new tablet, consider buying a pre-owned tablet from FixIT Mobile. We offer a variety of tablets, certified like new by our trained, professional technicians.

Get a Tablet That's New to You!

Once you get a tablet, you know how indispensable it becomes in your life. They’re so much lighter and easier to carry around than a laptop, but the screen is so much bigger than a phone. They’re perfect for watching (or making) movies, or taking and sharing photos. You also need them to read books, check email, work and study.

But not everyone wants — or can afford — to get a new tablet every year. At FixIT Mobile, we give you choices. You can shop our wide selection of pre-owned tables, each of which has gone through a multi-point inspection, or you can trade-in your old tablet for credit toward a brand-new model.

You’ve traded in old cars — why not try the same thing with your tablet? Every penny counts!

If you don’t have a tablet yet, a pre-owned one is a great place to start. It’s the perfect way to test out a model without making a big investment. If you love it, you can eventually trade it in for an up-to-date model with all the new bells and whistles. If you’re not sure, trade it in for a different pre-owned model until you find the one you like best.

And there’s no need to worry you’ll get stuck with a lemon because all of our pre-owned tablets come with a 90-day warranty. You haven’t got anything to lose!

Save your family some money and come into FixIT Mobile today to shop our selection of pre-owned tablets, or to trade your old tablet in for a new one.

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Trading In Your Device is Easy!

There’s no reason to put up with a slow, outdated device. Get credit for your current device and apply it towards an upgraded device today.

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Visit a FixIt Mobile Store

Come in and speak to our representatives about what device you want.

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Get a Device Credit

We will assess the condition of your device and give you immediate credit for it.

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Choose a New Device

Select a new device that meets your needs and cost much less than a brand new device.

Let Us Help You Exchange Safely

FixIT Mobile allows customers to conduct device exchanges in our store where we can perform a basic diagnostic on the devices being sold or purchased. This gives customers peace of mind by knowing the exact condition of a device before making the exchange with the other party.

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