How to Save $901.00 on Your Smartphone

It’s bad enough that we as consumers fork over anywhere between $500.00 to $800.00 for the latest and greatest (a 280% profit margin for Apple, by the way), but we’re also expected to pay hefty repair costs when our overpriced gadget can’t survive a 4 foot drop! According to statistics . . .

  • 45% of consumers are bound to damage their smartphone.
  • 50% of those consumers will damage their smartphone simply by dropping it.
  • On average, brand new iPhones are damaged or destroyed within 10 weeks of purchasing.

It’s not fair! It’s an outrage! Owning a Samsung Galaxy S7 for just two years could cost you (more or less) a total of $1,710.00!

How do we figure? Imagine this:

You buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 for about $700.00. You love it. Well worth nearly a grand. Your new gadget is sleek and shiny until about ten weeks later when you drop it and shatter the screen. Bummer. $260 later, you have a new screen! Another couple months pass and your battery is acting up (because hello you bought an Android.) That’s okay. It’s nothing a $50.00 battery replacement won’t fix! It’s a good thing your new Samsung Galaxy was worth nearly a thousand dollars, because you’ve spent $1,010.00 in total just to keep it in your life!

But then, on one unfortunately crappy day, you stand up from the dinner table and jump at the soul-crushing sound of your thousand-dollar phone clattering against the linoleum. Just one second later, before you even have time to process the horrific sound, you feel the Galaxy crumple beneath your boot.

It’s over.

Your smartphone is dead. Accept it.

It’s time to move on and the way we see it, you have four options:

  1. Pay $700.00 for a trusty new replacement and repeat the nightmare, which brings your total to a whopping $1,710.00.
  2. Pay a lot less for a used phone on eBay and run the risk of being stuck with a glitchy or dinged up device. And repeat the nightmare.
  3. Pay a reasonable amount for a refurbished device at a smartphone repair shop and repeat the nightmare.
  4. Equip your glossy new phone with an Protect IT Protection Plan, save hundreds of dollars, and be a happier, smarter, and more attractive person with a perfect smartphone and lots of money! (Too far?)

Fixit Mobile is shattering the system with our affordable and dependable protection plans. For less money than a new Samsung Galaxy screen, our protection plans provide unlimited repairs, waterproofing services, reliable phone cases, and tempered glass screen protection. When you look at the value and the cost difference, choosing an Protect IT Protection Package is a no-brainer, don’t you think?

Think smart – with iSmart.