Steve Jobs and the Bob Dylan Bootlegs

Have you ever wondered what was on Steve Jobs iPod? What songs drove him to create a product that would hold all of them and fit in his pocket? It’s not a question that has been asked very often, but thanks to Walter Isaacson we now have an answer. 

Before Apple became a seed in Steve’s mind, slowly to grow in the industry leader that we know, Wozniak pushed him to listen to Bob Dylan. They found a die hard fan that had copies of some bootleg recordings of Dylan playing after his 1966 motorcycle crash. He invited members of The Hawk to come and do raw demos of songs he was working on while he healed. 

These recordings have become the hallmark to Dylan and his career, catching him at his most vulnerable point before his fame became international. All of these songs are now available to the public. 

Recently I was walking through Wholefoods and saw a copy of the Bootleg Series Vol. 11. If you’d like to get a personal and honest experience of Dylan during that time in his life I’d recommend picking it up. While you listen to it imagine Steve Jobs playing his cassettes of the same recordings while working on the blueprint for the device you have in your hand.