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800 N 54th St Ste C-1
Chandler, AZ 85226
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Welcome to your neighborhood FixIT Mobile!

The Chandler – Chandler Pavilions, FixIT Mobile is conveniently located in the Chandler Pavilions.  The location is next to Jimmy Johns and Sports Clips in the Home Depot and Sams Club parking lot.

FixIT Mobile has many locations throughout Utah and Arizona, and there’s one near you in Chandler. The reason we have so many computer stores is because we have so many customers! Our goal when we started our computer repair shop was to offer convenient locations and efficient service to all, and that’s what we do.

As an independent computer shop, we have the flexibility to offer repair services for all your electronics, whether you are looking for Mac or PC repair, whether you have an iPhone, Samsung, or another type of Android.

Some of our customers’ most common requests are for cell phone repair, phone screen repair, and battery replacement. Whether your screen shattered when you dropped it, your phone keeps dropping calls and losing its internet connection or it’s at 8% after charging all night, you can count on the experienced technicians at FixIT Mobile to take care of the problem for you.

Many of our Chandler customers form a bond with their favorite tech and ask for the same one each time they need a repair, regardless of the type of equipment it is. Our highly trained, professional techs are some of the best known in the industry because they are so friendly, efficient, and reliable.

Not only that, but our techs don’t require you to make an appointment before coming in. You can just bring in your problematic phone, laptop, or other electronic, and we’ll diagnose the problem while you wait. Often, we can complete the repair right then and there. We are renowned for our same-day service.

And we don’t service only computers and cell phones — we also fix tablets, gaming consoles, and Apple Watches.

Whether you’re looking for a computer repair store, phone repair shop, or a place that fixes laptops, FixIT Mobile is your best choice in Chandler, Arizona.