Why School Districts Need The iSmart Protection Plan

If you are a school district with Apple devices, there are many warranty plans that can be put in place for covering your Apple devices when they break. Whether you have a monthly plan through Apple or opted for insurance through the phone carriers like AT&T or Verizon, you may not be getting the best deal. Protect IT Protection Plan is the leader in the iDevice warranty industry and they are targeted specifically at saving school districts money with their 2 plans.

Specifically, the Protect IT Elite Plan is already affordable. It’s 2 years of coverage with no deductibles and unlimited repairs for $89, and this means that once you are on the plan – you don’t pay anything for repairs and the amount of repairs are unlimited for that device. For 2 whole years. Sounds too good to be true, right? That’s the beauty of it all.

You see, just like all other insurance plans, the devices must be free of flaws and fixed before the Protect IT Elite Plan can cover the device. If you have an already broken device, Fixit Mobile can fix your broken device at one of their 5 locations across Utah (or through their mail-in service) and the cost of the initial repair to fix the device is nothing compared to the amount you will save over the 2 years of unlimited repairs.

Recently it was reported that 30% of iPhone owners damage their device, with repeat offenders being pretty common – another 17% of owners have damaged their device more than once. Younger iPhone owners are the most-accident prone, with one in every two iPhone owners under the age of 35 experiencing an accident. American’s have spent over $5.7 billion dollars on iPhone Repairs alone since 2007 – it only makes sense to get your device insured. Especially if you are a school district that has iDevices in house or gives out iPhones or iPods to your students, 69% of accidents are caused by the owner & 75% of American’s bring their iDevice to the bathroom with them. Accidents are bound to happen – especially if your demographic is under the age of 35.

The destruction of common gadgets is a very common occurrence, so regardless of your current insurance provider – consider giving Protect IT Plans a comparison up against those other guys. Whether you have less than 20 iDevices or over 2,000 iDevices – we can customize a plan for every situation. for your peace of mind. With the unlimited repairs and no deductibles for each repair, your stomach will no longer drop when you see an iPod falling to the ground and shattering. Cover your school district and be smart about who covers it – contact Protect IT today.